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January 2017

Real Design Solutions is 9 years strong! 

Milling with Roland Desktop CNC MDX-540


  • Design ideas with 3D layouts (Solid-works)
  • Product design options rendered
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Dimension and Assembly Drawings
  • Concepts, Prototypes to Release


Analysis Engineer: Plastics

Analysis Engineer: Fluid dynamics

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer 


Real Design Solutions, LLC and Hanginz

              Mechanical Product Development, Tooling Design, Engineering and Drafting 

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Clients and RDS services performed:

Hanginz Smart-phone Product:

A detachable smartphone lanyard attachment for your phone case. Works with iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC and Android. Available here and on ebay for $4.99

Prototyping Gear: Have and like

3D Printing UV cured resin by Formlabs

Form1 Desktop printer

3D Printing Metal using laser sintering by

Weimer 3D printing

Original thinking is difficult when you apply reality, practicality, and cost to the mix.  Fresh ideas are challenging and something we proudly offer on a regular basis.